How does it work?

Try the app! It's easier than reading about it

Have a car?

Would like to save on your travels?

Make your car seats available, share your ride with users that are heading in the same direction

    • Offer your car Seats.
    • Indicates a route, a date, and a departure time. Enter the number of seats available and the price for each passenger.
    • Expect to be contacted and confirm it
    • Publish your ad, once contacted, confirm your availability. At the reservation, you will receive the passenger's phone number. Payment is done online and the balance will be made at the end of the deal.
    • Get Together and Save!
    • Provide the passenger with more details on the meeting point and starts! Remember to give feedback on your travel companion profile.

Don't have a car?

Looking for a ride?

Look for the perfect car ride with CarSmartt. A community of users offering their car seats to transport passengers or carry parcels of different sizes, all at a very low cost.

    • Look for a car ride
    • Enter the route details, the point of departure and destination, your preferred date, and find the ride that suits your needs!
    • Contact and book
    • Contact the driver, wait for confirmation and book by paying in total security. Payment is done online with PayPal, credit card or prepaid.
    • Get Together and save
    • Contact the driver and ask for more details about the departure point. Now you are ready to leave. Remember to give feedback on your travel companion profile.
  1. Driver Rates

  2. You can carry small, medium and large parcels.
    The price will be calculated automatically.

  1. Rider Rates

  2. Each driver can carry small, medium and large
    parcels at a reasonable price.

Small parcels


of the cost of a car seat for a passenger

Medium parcels


of the cost of a car seat for a passenger

Large parcels


of the cost of a car seat for a passenger

Why use Carsmartt?

If saving money is not enough, let's see what else.

Who doesn't want to travel for free?!

Carsmartt drivers have the possibility to travel both long and short distance without paying for gas. The riders that a Carsmartt driver picks up pay the gas and tolls if needed.


The users of Carsmartt can choose to travel or ship their packages through our app. Thanks to our app people will be able to deliver small, medium and large-size packages at a minimum cost and maximum safety.

Green app, less pollution!

Through our organization, we are building together a greener economy. We aim at reducing the number of vehicles on the road through conscious consumption of resources that are already in our possession.